All-Season Passenger Tires

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The hallmarks of all-season passenger tires are a comfortable ride, year-round readiness and a long tread life. They’re engineered to provide excellent performance on any paved surface and in all four seasons.

Designed with traditional passenger vehicles in mind, these are the go-to tire for coupes, sedans and crossovers. Within this style, there are several sub-categories that vary according to tread life, responsiveness, road noise and fuel-efficiency.

Finding the right tire for your vehicle means matching the available features and benefits to your desired driving experience.

All-Season Passenger

These tires feature versatile tread compounds that allow reliable handling, high mileage wear rates, and comfy rides year round. If you live somewhere that sees deep snow or ice, you may however need to switch out your all-season tires for a dedicated set of winter/snow tires.

Performance All-Season

These are a step up, commonly found on hot rods, muscle cars and performance light trucks. Their lower profile gives your ride sporty good looks, along with 365 days of performance handling that all season tires are known for.

High Performance All-Season

Another full step up in handling, high performance tires are best suited for sports cars and refined sedans. Offering all-season control and a plusher ride, the smartly-designed treads grip the pavement in adverse conditions while also keeping road noise to a minimum. Reinforced plies of steel and belts allow a faster speed rating than basic all season models.

Ultra-High Performance All-Season

What puts these over the top in terms of performance? Ultra-high performance tires are best suited to sports cars and exotics and can feature the highest performance ratings. With incredible handling and braking in dry conditions, some models even deliver run-flat technology.

Standard Touring All-Season

Touring tires are designed for greater ride comfort and long life. Circumferential grooves and a symmetrical tread give a stable, effortless ride, while lateral notches and sipes whisk away rain and thin layers of snow. A great tire for long drives on cruise control.

Grand Touring All-Season

If you’re looking for a touring tire’s comfort with better performance capability Grand Touring tires might be the way to go. Grand Touring tires take standard touring tires and advance them with improved handling. They look great, and some even feature the three-peak mountain snowflake symbol issued by the US Tire Manufacturer’s Association for their ability to handle in severe snow.

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