How to Save Money Buying Tires

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How to Save Money Buying Tires

Within each tire category, you can expect to get what you pay for. A $275 ultra-high-performance tire (UHP) will almost surely give you better traction, handling and last longer than a $70 UHP tire. So, when you’re looking to save money on tires, bargain shopping within the categories isn’t a great idea.

Instead, focus on manufacturer recommended tires with good reviews and high grades in the features that matter most to you. Once you know the tires you want, just follow these suggestions. You’re sure to save some money and get great performing tires.

Shop Sales

There are many opportunities throughout the year to save on tires. April signals the beginning of Spring and thoughts turn to warm-weather road trips In October, people may begin purchasing Winter/Snow tires or All-Weather replacement tires suitable for lighter winter conditions. These are ideal times to be on the lookout for extra tire savings.

Buy Tires Online

Gone are the days of standing in a dim garage staring at a small selection of tires on the wall while getting a high-pressure sales pitch. When you shop at you can select from every major tire brand and category. Plus, you get manufacturer-direct pricing. Amazing deals are just a click away and competitive pricing is as attractive as anything you’ll find during sale seasons.

Tire Coupons & Rebates

Most tire retailers regularly advertise coupons instant savings with purchases, and mail-in rebates that reimburse you a good amount. These deals often come with requirements, but most deals are entirely favorable.

Proper Tire Maintenance

By far the wisest way to save money on tires is to take good care of them. Just regularly check their pressure and keep them correctly inflated. Schedule rotation for whenever you get your oil changed. Watch for patterns of irregular wear. Drive safely—avoiding potholes, curbs, hard braking, and any extreme temperatures.

Don't Wait Until It's Too Late

Pay attention to the tread life and status of your tires, and purchase a set before you’re stuck on the side of the road. If you see cracking or the tread is less than 2/32nd of an inch, it’s time for replacements.

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