How to Store Tires at Home

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Why is tire storage important?

Not everyone needs more than one set of tires. But for those who own sets of winter and summer tires, where you store them (when they’re not in use) can greatly affect their condition, performance and, ultimately, lifespan. It can even save you money.

Sure, tossing your tires in your trunk, or just stacking them in your garage makes storing them easier for you, but it doesn’t help with tire preservation. In fact, it can definitely do some damage to them. That’s why it can’t hurt to learn some helpful tricks of tire storage:

Tips for how to store tires

  • Clean tires with soap and water before storing them. Dirt and grease can harm your tires over time.
  • Store tires in a cool, dry place. This protects against environmental factors such as extreme heat or direct sunlight.
  • Use indoor storage for tires. If you don’t have indoor space, store tires outdoors with an opaque, waterproof covering, like airtight plastic garbage bags.
  • Tires stored on the wheel shouldn’t be stored upright. Tires stored without the wheel should be only stored upright, turned every month and never suspended or stacked.
  • Schedule a tire inspection with a service professional before installing tires that have been stored.

If done correctly, storing your tires at home shouldn’t be time consuming or expensive. It can go a long way toward helping your tires continue to perform consistently and safely. It can also help extend the life of your tires on the road which can help you save money in the end.

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