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Rib Tires

Tire treads have grooves in them. Simple enough. Rib tires are created for on-road traction in wet and dry conditions. You can find them on tires designed for passenger vehicles as well as commercial vehicles and light-duty trucks, and they feature circumferential grooves that form what look like ribs in the tread. These grooves run parallel to the direction a tire rolls, which decreases rolling resistance and enhances fuel efficiency.

Rib tires are developed for street and highway use, and are designed good traction on wet and dry roads. The light truck version of ribbed type tires are also engineered to handle the load pressure of a recreational vehicle or motor home. Steel belts, multiple plies, steel beads, and reinforced sidewalls make these tires durable—ready to resist bumps, scuffs, and punctures.

While rib treads do come in a variety of patterns, the straighter the ribs the better the ability to evacuate water and prevent hydroplaning on wet highways. . Also, due to its design, Rib Tires are optimal for even tread wear.

Passenger and Performance rib type tires are a great application for those that are looking for good mileage, even wear, low noise and good wet and dry traction.

Light Truck Rib tires help to meet the demand of working vehicles as oil prices climbed. Working vehicles means everything from a delivery van, box truck or motorhome, all the way up to a dump truck. That said, this subject is relevant to understanding all kinds of tires. You don’t need to own a fleet of vehicles to take advantage of what rib tires offer.

You’re likely to find that rib tires come in a four or five-rib design. Meaning the tire will have three or four deep circumferential grooves creating the ribs. But there are variations on the theme, with a variety of patterns. As always what’s most important is to evaluate the needs for your vehicle and the type of driving you plan on doing. If you live somewhere warm, and you put a lot of interstate miles on your car, truck, van, RV, etc.—these might be your ideal fit.

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